We are dedicated to bring you the best quality fully tested and guaranteed (90 Days) television replacement parts for all major brands available in the US market. All of our parts are sourced from new televisions damaged during shipping to retailers from the manufactures. We have been in the television repair business since the early 80's and have gained the technical knowledge needed to assure quality by testing and verifying the functionality of all parts sold on our web site.  Our LED / LCD and Plasma TV parts inventory is growing daily as we harvest parts from an average of more than 1500 units monthly. Also we are very Eco-conscious by recycling all card board boxes, Styrofoam, metal and other materials (we do have a recycling facility 2 miles away)  from the televisions plus thousands upon thousands of screws. 
Our warehouse address is:Our E-mail address is:
1305 Fletcher Street
Huntsville, AL 35801
(256) 536-6992
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