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Westinghouse Part Numbers

Posted by on 2/28/2015 to LCD & LED Televisions Tips
How to order the correct part for Westinghouse televisions. 

Westinghouse part numbers for main boards are located on the back side of the board at the bar code sticker where it says S/N: ########, example S/N: 41H0100A this will be the correct part number needed for a model DW39F1Y1 also the version code for this model must be taken in consideration, this is different than the model number and it's located on the same sticker just above the serial number, example Version No.: TW-75330-A039A, model and version must match your televisions numbers, do not order by using any other number that may be used as a reference such as CV#######-### those are not good numbers and are used by the manufacture before the circuit board is loaded with different component and software for various models. 
The same applies to power supply boards do not use the CVB###### numbers use the number found on the bar code sticker, example S/N: 41H0101142 .
Boards may look the same but have different software loaded for different screens, sometimes everything works great but the picture is upside down, well the board has the wrong software and was designed for screens that have the T-Con board located at the bottom of the screen instead on top. 

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