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TDA19997HL/C1 HDMI Processor Integrated Circuit
TDA19997HL/C1 HDMI Processor

TDA19997HL/C1 HDMI Processor Integrated Circuit

Part Price: $23.36
Part Number:TDA19997HL/C1

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HDMI Processor Integrated Circuit 4 Input 60 Hz.
This part is used in the following LG models:42LD550, 32LE5400, 55LE5500, 42LD550UB, 55LE5500UA, 52LD550UB, 42LE5400, 46LD550, 47LE5400, 55LX6500, 55LE5400, 55LX6500UB, 42LE5500, 55LD650UA, 50PK750, 47LE5500, 47LE8500, 55LE8500, 52LD550, 46LD550UB, 47LD650UA, 60PK950UA, 55LE5400UC, 32LE5400UC, 42LE5400UC, 47LE5400UC, 50PK950, 47LD650, 60PK950, 42LE5500UA, 47LE5500UA, 50PK750UA, 50PK950UA, 55LE8500UA, 55LD650, 47LE8500UA, 47LX6500UB, 55LX9500UA, 60PZ550UA, 60PK750UA, 50PZ550UA, 60PX950UA

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