Sharp LC65P series led TV's with no back lights.
Repair info for power supply's 209804210452, 220455, 215463, 217654 used in Hisense brand led televisions.

Sharp LC65P6000U, LC65P6030U, LC65P620, LC55P620U, LC55P7000U no back lights.
Hisense 55HD6, 65H6D and many more

The above Sharp / Hisense models using power supply part number 209804210452, 220455, 215463, 217654 may exhibit a missing B+ to the LED's, this is caused by a failure of the led control IC N703 (LX27901ID) and R713 a 10  Ohm smd resistor marked 100 the 3rd digit is the multiplier x 0=10 Ohms supplying B+18 Volts  to pin 1 of the IC.
This circuit is also used in numerous Hisence power supply's.   
We will have a repair kit available soon.   

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