LCD TV parts location
Board descriptions and functions
Power Supply:The power board converts the ac line voltage which is 110 volts AC to lower voltages that are required for the operation of the television, very important is the stand by 5 volts needed by the microprocessor to stay wake so when it receives a command such as power on to turn on the power supply, then the power supply generates the secondary voltages needed which can vary by television, some are 12 to 18 volts needed by the audio circuit and 24 volts supply to the inverter board and numerous other voltages. 

Video/Control Board:This circuit board controls all the functions of a television such as power, volume, input selection, sound and picture, also receives the remote control commands from the infrared receiver and translates them to different commands such as volume up or down, channel up or down, menu functions, input selections such as HDMI, video 1, video 2 and so on, Also it does all the signal, video processing and color from the various inputs. 

Inverter Board:This board generates the high - voltage 1200 - 1500 volts needed by the fluorescent tubes that are located inside the LCD panel for the gas to ignite, this is the so called ballast which is similar to household fluorescent lights we have been using for a long time , there is on average 10 to 20 tubes depending on the size of the screen inside the metal enclosure just behind the screen, the inverter receives the 24 volts dc derived from power supply secondary voltages and converts it to high-voltage, also detects failures of the individual fluorescent tubes and it generates an error command back to the main board to turn the television off for protection purposes. 

Remote Receiver:This small circuit board receives commands from the remote control and sends them to the microprocessor which is located on the main board, this board also is supplied by the standby 5 volt power generated by the power supply circuit and its a good test point to check and verify if there is 5 volts generated by the power supply. 

LVDS Cable: This thin wire cable transfers the various signals needed by the LCD/LED panel from the main board. 

T-con Board:This board is not pictured but is normally located on the to of the LCD screen and is covered by a metal shield, the board controls the individual lines vertical and horizontal sections of the LCD screen, normal supply voltages for this board is 5-12 volts depending on the manufactures design requirements.

Please use extreme caution when working near high voltage, not doing so you may endure severe injury. TVTECHparts shall not be held responsible for any damages while you the consumer perform any repairs to your appliances.