When working with any television receiver that consist of numerous individual circuit boards it's very important to verify all numbers from your old part are exact match of the one you are ordering, in order to verify that you must take the television apart by removing the back cover, do not relay on what you show on any web sources like YouTube or DIY forums. A specific model could have been manufactured in numerous facilities overseas with different circuit boards do to availability at the time, the manufacture in order to keep track of production runs they designate different versions to the same model, now a television receiver can look exactly the same on the outside but when the cover is removed we are in for a surprise! all circuit board may be different do to different versions of the same model. 
Make sure all alphanumerical numbers are an exact match and avoid numbers printed on the circuit board directly, these are bare board numbers with out components installed, once the board is loaded with various components then it's given an actual part number and is normally printed on a white sticker an placed on the circuit board.