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F605205WCA049751D1 RCA LED back lights for model LED55G55R120Q

F605205WCA049751D1 RCA LED back lights for model LED55G55R120Q

Part Price: $55.86
Part Number:F605205WCA049751D1
  • Package Quantity :12 Strips

A Reminder When Ordering TV Parts

LCD & LED TVs can have numerous versions of the same model which may use different parts. Prior to ordering, please verify that numbers listed on our site match those from the damaged part you are replacing.

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Original RCA back light strips (12 pieces) part number F605205WCA049751D1 are designed to work with the LED television model LED55G55R120Q using panel part number T550HVN01.8-12V only.
Numbers found on the strips are; F605205WCA046881C1, F605205WCA046861C1, F605205WCA025391C1, F605205WCA046841C1, F605205WCA096341D1, F605205WCA096351D1, F605205WCA096361D1, F605205WCA049761D1, F605205WCA049751D1, F605205WCA025401C1, F605205WCA024571C1, F605205WCA049741D1 and many more....

Additional numbers are: WS V3.0
LED Pitch 65.5mm / 9 LED's per strip / 23 inch in length with 2 5/8 inch  spacing between the LED's. 

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