TVTECH tip: Troubleshooting the EAY63072001 power supply for no back light problem: Internal connection of LED strips is as follows; Connector P801 Blue/Black wires pins 1 and 3 connect the two upper arrays in series of two strips each x 9 led's per strip a total of 18 led's, P801 pins 5 and 7 White/Blue wires on the left side of connector connect to the lower 3 arrays that are in series and have a total of 6 strips 3 on the left and 3 on the right and contain 27 led's in total, the voltage drop on each led in this panel is about 3.5 Volts DC. It's easy to verify if the panel led's are bad by first observing the screen while the power is turned on, look for a quick flash on the screen a sure sign of bad led lights, to be a little more technical you can use a volt meter by placing the probes at either wire combination mentioned above look for a rise of DC voltage and then a quick drop similar to a sign wave or pulsating voltage as described bellow.

Blue/Black wires when led's are good voltage should be about 109 Volts DC if bad you will get a pulsating voltage between 25 to 45 Volts DC. 
White/Blue wires with good led's the voltage should be about 160 Volts DC if bad you will get a pulsating voltage between 30 to 70 Volts DC and sometimes higher. 
This testing procedure can be applied to almost all LED televisions that are experiencing a no back light or no picture problem with sound being OK.