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BN96-34797A, BN96-34798A Samsung led back light strips

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BN96-34797A, BN96-34798A LED kit for Samsung UN55JU7100FXZA ver: TS01
Part Number: BN96-34798A
90 Available
TV Brand(s): Samsung
TV Model(s): UN55JU6400WXXY, UN55JU6500FXZA, UN55JU7100FXZA, UN55JU6700FXZA
OEM Part Number(s): BN96-34797A , S_5U75_55FL_L8 REV1.2 & 1.4
Board Number(s): BN96-34798A, S_5U75_55FL_R6 REV1.2 & 1.4
Additional Part Number(s): LM41-00109X, LM41-00109Y, LM41-00135A, LM41-00136A

A Reminder When Ordering TV Parts

Original and exact fit led strips (12 pieces) part numbers BN96-34797A , S_5U75_55FL_L8 REV1.2&1.4, BN96-34798A, S_5U75_55FL_R6 REV1.2&1.4, LM41-00109X, LM41-00109Y, LM41-00135A, LM41-00136A are designed to work with the Samsung smart led TV models: UN55JU6400WXXY, UN55JU6500FXZA, UN55JU7100FXZA, UN55JU6700FXZA using panel part numbers: CY-GJ055HGLV1H, CY-GJ055HGLVDH, CY-GJ055HGLV4H, CY-GJ055HGLV7H, CY-GJ055HGEV4H, CY-GJ055HGEV1H, CY-WJ055HGLV4H.                 
Replacing LED back light strips in curved units is the same procedure as on a flat screen, what forms the curvature on these television is the metal backing, once the screen is removed it can lay flat on any flat surface that will accommodate it's size.  
We recommend using suction cups (Pictured above) for easy removal of screen assembly, when placed over screen just lock'em  half way and remove the screen after loosening the two long circuit boards attached to the sub frame . 

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