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BN44-00514A Failure

Posted by on 5/28/2015 to Plasma Television Tips
Common failure of the power board BN44-00514A is QS804 and QS802 also this two resistors must be replaced RS833 and RS819. QS804, QS802 FDP12N50T RS833, RS819 47 Ohm 1/10 Watt SMD resistor. Reason of failure is a bad connection on either QS804 or QS802 Mosfets that causes the components to short and either or both resistors RS833 and RS819 to open, so far this is the main cause of failure that we have found with this BN44-00514A. 

Here is a link to the repair kit that we have available BN44-00514A-KIT Repair Kit For Samsung PN60E7000FFXZA
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