These led strips are getting harder to find so we decided to use our TV repair experience to come up with a fix for the 50LN series LG televisions using LED backlight strips part number AGF78240901 LED array for LG 50LN/50LA series models .  There is a total of 5 rows and a total of 10 strips, the most we have found to go bad is 2-3 rows. The Samsung replacement comes with 4 rows of 8 strips, that will be enough to repair 1 or 2 units. Here is what to do using an adjustable power supply: you can test each strip individually by applying no more than 20 volts to each strip and see if it lights up, polarity must be observed. If a strip or section of a strip is found to be bad it can be replaced with part number BN96-32769A and BN96770A by placing the strips over the white reflector and hard wiring the positive and negative to the supply board, then secure the strips with clear tape or white duck tape. Don't forget the four plastic pointers that must go back in place or you will get white circles on the screen....... IT WORKS!