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6632L-0495A Inverter board for Vizio VU32LHDTV10A

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Part Price: $15.41
Retail Price:$26.91
You Save:$11.50(43%)
This Television Repair Part Number 6632L-0495A Will Work With The Following TV Brand And Model Vizio Vu32lhdtv10a
Part Number: 6632L-0495A
TV Brand(s): Vizio
TV Model(s): Vu32lhdtv10a
OEM Part Number(s): KLS-EE32TKH12
Board Number(s): 6632L-0495A

A Reminder When Ordering TV Parts

Vizio inverter board 6632L-0495A will work with the tv models VU32LHDTV10, VO32LHDTV10A, VW32LHDTV40A. 

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