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313926805531 MAIN DIGITAL MAGNAVOX 42MF237S/F7

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Part Price: $36.83
Retail Price:$116.91
You Save:$80.08(68%)
This Television Repair Part Number 313926805531 Will Work With The Following TV Brand And Model Magnavox 42mf237s/F7
Part Number: 3.13927E+11
TV Brand(s): Magnavox
TV Model(s): 42mf237s/F7
OEM Part Number(s): 3.14E+11
Board Number(s): 3.10E+11
Additional Part Number(s): 3.14E+11

A Reminder When Ordering TV Parts

MAGNAVOX 50PFP5332D/37/ 42PFP5332D/37, 42PFL7332D/37, 37PFL7332D/37SSB Must be set in service menu

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