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On this section we will be posting various TV tech repair tips for numerous television brands as they become available.

DM boards part numbers 934C260002, 934C280001, 934C260001, 934C381001, 934C328002

Posted by on 2/28/2015 to LCD & LED Televisions Tips
Did you know that the DM boards part numbers 934C260002, 934C280001, 934C260001, 934C381001, 934C328002 can be repaired by replacing the HDMI processor ic part number SIL9185CTU . Here is a quick troubleshooting procedure: Remove the DM board and check for a short at C9C52, if shorted remove HDMI IC IC2101 the short should go away, You can further test the unit with the IC removed by re-installing the board back in the television and verifying that it powers on and you have a picture via composite, component or tuner inputs.
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