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BN94-08944P Samsung board kit for TV model UN75J6300AF

BN94-08944P Samsung board kit for TV model UN75J6300AF

Part Price: $86.18
Part Number:BN94-08944P
  • Service Code / Version :UH03

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LCD & LED TVs can have numerous versions of the same model which may use different parts. Prior to ordering, please verify that numbers listed on our site match those from the damaged part you are replacing.

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Samsung board kit BN94-08944P will work with the TV model UN75J6300AFZA version UH03 using panel part number CY-GH075CSLV4H.
Kit includes
BN94-08944P / BN97-09756A Main video board
BN44-00723C Power supply
BN95-01331A T-Con board
BN59-01174D Wi-Fi module
BN96-30218F Bluetooth module
BN96-30902E Control board
BN96-36274N LVDS cable

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